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Cameron Samurai
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Power Rangers Cosmic Fury: The End, Beast King Cut (released)
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4-Oct-2023, 4:21 AM

I had originally intended to do a move length version of this, but found the work too overbearing and went for a standard tv length episode instead.

For a show that’s celebrating it’s 30th anniversary and may potentially be tying up all it’s loose ends before a major continuity overhaul in a few years with the Johnathan Entwhistle-helmed reboot, you’d think Power Rangers might have wanted to go out with something worthy of those three decades worth of entertainment than bringing Zedd down to Earth through simple conversation. So I’ve taken to the editing suite to correct that.

The solution comes in merging this episode with the events of another big crossover episode in the show’s recent history, the Beast Morphers story ‘Grid Connection’, which guest-stars Jason as well as the MMPR team, so by bringing them in we tie everything neatly full circle

Lord Zedd no longer has a ‘fantasy’ of Rita, she is real, I took their scene together and placed it just before Jason and the Dino Charge Rangers are confronted by Goldar Maximus. This also allows “The End” to serve as the unofficial prequel to “Once & Always”, the way fans prefer.

I replaced all scenes of Evox piloting the Geo Zord with footage of Zedd in his command room from Cosmic Fury. Andrew Liang was the original choice to replace Robert Axelrod as Zedd, and he had to step down due to online bullying, so I find it fitting I use all of Evox’s lines for Zedd here.

Edit is available now. DM me for a link.