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The New Republic Movie Series EPIV: A Threat From Beyond (An Ahsoka Series Edit) [RELEASED]
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24-Sep-2023, 1:36 PM

smudger9 said:

vranir said:

While we’re on the topic, there any way that we can change Ashoka’s question to Elsbeth? She should know generally where Thrawn is, and Elsbeth doesn’t actually know anything more than she does about it. Instead, could we have an AI voice ask where the map/orb/it is? That (either chronologically or by inference if used as a flashback) is what leads Ahsoka to the ruin where she finds the artifact.

I don’t think the question needs to be changed does it? We don’t see the answer so it’s perfectly believable that Morgan would say that he’s in another galaxy and you need a map to locate it.

But why would she be asking Elsbeth and not someone easier to find who knows the same thing, like Hera or Sabine? It’s weird to go on a quest to hunt an enemy in order to ask a question that your friends already know the answer to.

Even slightly different wording would help: “Where was Thrawn taken?” This would imply that she knows more. “Where is Thrawn?” sounds like he’s hiding or coming, not trapped somewhere.