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ESB 1997 Laserdisc Inspired Regrade with '97 Soundmix (Version 1 Released)
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19-Sep-2023, 4:19 PM

Hello everyone.

I figured since it’s been a hot minute that I should update you all. I want to stress that I have not forgotten about this project or any other ones you may be following of mine. I’ve recently revisited them and continued work on them. I’ve been finding new techniques to not only color grade better, but improve color accuracy when it comes to matching the blu ray footage to the laserdisc Master. I’ve also been revisiting Dre’s Color Match Tool and it’s been a lot more helpful than my first attempts. That, and it finally is compatible with my laptop’s version of Mac OS X

With that said, I have been thinking about a potential upgrade to my regrade projects. Primarily the ones using the 4k Disney releases. I wanted to know if there’s anyone who would be interested in making a 4K HDR version of my regrade. I understand that isn’t the easiest thing to do, but there’s some people on this site that do it like it’s nothing. I would do it myself, but I don’t have the equipment or money to feasibly do that.

Until then, I’ll catch you all later and update the project with samples.