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Vladius said:

Darth Tremor said:

Sideburns of BoShek said:

Darth Tremor said:

What is ironic is how The Rise of Skywalker was billed as “The End of Skywalker Saga” and ever since it’s the Skywalkers who get all the attention with Luke’s return in Mando S2 and BOBF and Anakin’s return in Kenobi and now Ahsoka.

The reality is the center of AGFFA is the Skywalker Family. Proof of that is no IP has been able to stand without Anakin/ Vader or a Skywalker.

I think this is why I enjoy Visions series, just fun Star Wars stories about anything and everywhere in the GFFA, that don’t really feature known or legacy characters. If we didn’t like one episode, there is always another. I wish there were more, and look forward to the 3rd season.

It could be why some of us are looking forward to Acolyte, and even Skeleton Crew? That it isn’t made or has input by Filoni or have that “Volume look”, and that is will be crafted by different talents, a different approach and look as well, I hope. Acolyte should definitely be free of the fan service or Skywalkers, and Mangold’s film too.

The Acolyte is on my watch list solely because I have wanted a treatment or story from the dark side or “larger view of the Force.”

I love Visions, and I agree they are refreshing in that they do not depend on any Major Legends characters or Legacy ones; in a way they go back to he fresh blank slate ANH gave us, when all was new and big reveals and secret bloodlines weren’t the focus.

I am crossing my kyber crystals that at some point Visions and The Acolyte will be the norm. New characters and points of view. That said I would be a liar if I said I have not enjoyed Hayden’s return as Anakin & Vader. He was the Tragic Hero I most connected with in the prequels, his duality and learning to accept it is something I aspire to; to come to terms with the Ashla and Bogan in myself.

It’s unclear what exactly all the dark Anakin stuff in Ahsoka means (if there is any meaning) but that’s not how the dark side works and you shouldn’t try to integrate it into yourself in real life.

Many interpretations believe it shows Anakin’s Spirit has accepted both light and dark sides of himself, that like The Father in Mortis, he keeps the Son (dark) and Daughter (light) in balance in himself.

I believe Dark Anakin / Mustafar Vader that Ahsoka battled was her working out her pain and trauma over His fall, and choosing to “live.”

I also add Jedi Lore that the last trial to become a Jedi Knight is to face the dark side. Anakin tells Ahsoka, “I am going to finish your training.” So Ahsoka had to face Lord Vader to become a Jedi Knight like Luke did in ROTJ, Kenobi faced Lord Maul in TPM to become a Jedi Knight, and etc. One has to face the dark side in themselves and without in a vision or fighting a Sith or Acolyte of Darkness in the flesh.

Of course embracing the dark side in real life is ill advised, unless you interpret “There is Only Passion,” (Sith Code) and “From Passion I gain Strength,” (Sith Code) to mean the definition of passion that is “ardent affection” (5a of Webster Dictionary) or sacrificial love as in the Passion of Christ. Most people use the definition of passion that is “uncontrolled emotion,” but there is also uncontrolled conviction in passion too, “he is passionate to end injustice.”