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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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11-Sep-2023, 2:42 PM

That image looks great, Nev!

I agree that the “you are family” doesn’t gel with Rey’s loneliness throughout the rest of the movie, especially the festival scene.

As for Poe’s briefing, have we considered the possibility of a cutaway during that scene? After he says “His followers have been building something for years,” insert a brief shot of the Fleet itself, taken from some other part of the movie (maybe a wide shot sans-Xwing when Rey arrives at Exogol later in the movie, so that the audience has plenty of time to forget the reused visual). It could buy a little more time for the speech and make the scene more visual for the audience instead of just exposition.

You could also (or alternatively) insert a cutaway shot to showcase the dreadnought cannon when he talks about how the ships have been modified. In fact, we’ve already got an unused shot for that: the planet destruction sequence that was cut from Ascendant begins with a ~6 second uninterrupted slow zoom that shows a full shot of a ship, steadily zooms in on the cannon, and has the cannon begin to glow a menacing red as it prepares to fire.