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The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!
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10-Sep-2023, 1:26 AM

g00b said:
Hi Patali! I can’t speak for Eddie but I can speak as a fan and a faneditor. I would tend to avoid movie cuts for the animated shows as a first watch. I feel the movie edits work better for the live action series as they tend to follow the trend of one ark per season, the animated shows however tend to follow a few different ark’s throughout.

I’d think you’d find the most enjoyment from tv style edits such as Eddie’s as it takes the content and makes it more approachable. It cuts down drastically on the watch time and presents it in a way where if you’re not enjoying an ark, for the most part, you can skip it! This is much harder to do with the original series and difficult to do with movie style edits. On top of this for Eddie’s edit, there is a spreadsheet that covers different watch orders for what you’re interested in!

I hope this helps answer your questions 😃

I think it does, thanks for your comment. Looking over Eddie’s edit this past day, I believe now I am leaning towards it, as I saw he also found a way to incorporate some of the 2003 series as a prologue. My wife is a big classic animation fan, so this excited her to know she could enjoy that series with the rest of TCW.

Today we just watched in chronological order, the first two Dooku Tales of episodes, TPM, the following Dooku episode, the baby Ahsoka episode (I put it before episode 2 because I felt it worked better there), then AOTC. We’re both loving it so far, TPM and AOTC were definitely improved by those Dooku Tales of episodes. So I think we will go with your suggestion. I am still a bit concerned about Rebels and bad Batch, they seem even more geared towards the silly aspects so I’ll have to find edits for those and see how to work them in.

But if anyone else has other thoughts it would be appreciated. Thanks all