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The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!
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9-Sep-2023, 10:52 AM

Hi Eddie (or anyone else here with knowlegdge on the subjeect). Sorry ahead of time for this long post, have a few questions.

I am diving into the world of Star Wars fan edits. My wife and I are about to watch through the series. I have never seen the various animated series, and my wife has not seen those, nor Revenge of the Sith or any of the live action series.

We were quite daunted by the thought of 14 seasons of animated content between TCW, Rebels, Bad Batch, Tales of, even the live action shows on top of that with some of the filler they have. I say we haven’t watched it, truthfully we’ve both seen a few episodes here and there in passing and felt we would definitely not be able to stomach that much animated content in the writing style of the Filoni-verse.

However, we were both intrigued by the idea of movie cuts because it seems much more digestible (might take a couple weeks instead of months). I especially wanted to do this after I decided we were going to watch acbagels Mandalorian and BoBF movie cuts. Ideally I was aiming to just watch movie cuts of all the series. ((the only thing I didn’t see working was Tales of the Jedi, but its so small I didnt see it being a big deal)).

However when I asked for suggestions on reddit, it seems everyone loves your Clone Wars Refocused series.

So I ask, do you have any suggestions for my dilemma? Not that its your job to sell me on your edit, but for what I want to do with my watch through, do you think your edit would still be best? Or do you have another editor you can suggest that might work better for what we had in mind?

Also, I wanted to watch the pre-TPM Tales of episodes before that movie, so basically at the start of my watch through. Would this work for a full series watch through in your opinion? I know you use some of the Ahsoka Tales of episdoes in your edit, do you do anything with the Dooku episodes? Cause I know they aren’t right in the timeline.

Thanks for all your work. Your edit does sound awesome, I just don’t want it to be jarring or too much in the conext of us just doing movies otherwise.