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Darth Tremor
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What do you think of The Prequel Trilogy? A general discussion.
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18-Aug-2023, 1:07 PM
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18-Aug-2023, 1:09 PM
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Darth Tremor
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It has great world building, creatures, iconic duels (Jango vs Kenobi), and etc. But the chemistry between the cast is not strong like in The OT. The romance between Anakin & Padme feels like two people with no chemistry doing a Romeo & Juliet play at High School.

The Dialouge… while there are some great memeable lines, the reality is most of it is clunky and to quote Han Solo himself, “you can write this Sith (replacement for another word, it really is that word scrambled) George, but you can’t say it!” (Harrison Ford)

The Words, Tech, Ships, Duels, Music, Costumes, and Vision is great, but the characters are flat compared to the OT who’s entire cast played off each other well.