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Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - Saga's End Edition V3 (RELEASED)
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4-Aug-2023, 8:17 AM

Sure thing! My work flow starts with color correcting the entire 4K source (see this post for reference). Then I upscaled jonh’s force ghost clips with the blue lightsaber as I figured that one had the least amount of processing applied and I like the results I’m getting when adding my own lightsaber effects (using MotionVFX mSaber). My upscale settings are as follows:

  • AI Model: Artemis Medium Quality v13
  • Output Size: 4K UHD
  • Grain: On
  • Amount: 5.0
  • Size: 3.0
  • Video Format: MOV - ProRes 422HQ

Finally, I only slot in the upscaled clips that have actual added VFX and process color adjustments to blend in with the original 4K source as seamlessly as possible. This leaves me (and in the future other editors once everything is uploaded to my share folder) maximum options and flexibility for future editing decisions.