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The Mandalorian - Season 3: Complete Edition | A brand-new Season 3 forged from The Mandalorian and BoBF [ON HOLD]
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2-Aug-2023, 12:14 PM

Hey all!

As y’all have probably assumed by this point, this edit is sorta “on hold” at the moment.

There’s a number of reasons behind this, but the main one is that real life got in the way. No family tragedies or anything, I just end up keeping myself busy!

Another reason is scope creep. The amount of VFX and neural networking that this project relied on made for a very daunting first fanedit, the reality of which didn’t really set in with me until I sunk my teeth into the first episode and realized how much I was in over my head.

Finally, now that it’s been several months since the conclusion of Mando Season 3, I’ve found myself not feeling super inspired to even tackle the edit in the first place. The direction that the Mandalorian-related Star Wars projects are going just isn’t something that excites me enough to prioritize editing this season. I’m hoping this changes with Ahsoka, but as of right now Mando just hasn’t been sticking with me.

So what does this mean for the project? I’m gonna officially put this as “on hold” for the foreseeable future. I’d love to come back to this when I’m more skilled and more inspired, but I don’t have the talent or the passion right now to make this what it ought to be. I have other simpler fanedit ideas, and hopefully that’ll help me hone my skills and give me something else to give to this community.

Many apologies for such a late response by the way! It sounds a little weird, but it’s all too easy to forget that y’all are real people when all I see are anonymous forum users. This post should’ve come to y’all sooner.

See you soon, either working on this project or another one!