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GAME OF THRONES - FILMS I-X // & HOTD [Community Thread]
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10-Jun-2023, 7:41 AM

Anjohan said:

MoviesGamesMusic said:

Great news! Congrats 👏🏻 Will we have to wait as long for parts 9 & 10? 😬🤞🏻

Part 9 not so much, as it’s only audio transitions left to do and some minor re-scoring. As for Part 10 - well, that one is quite a beast. I have the “worst parts” done, like a major Bran event, but the ending parts of the “Good Ending” Version needs more work.

I might release The Dark Ending before The Good Ending tho’ (and i’ll give them better names xD )

Which will be the original ending?