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HARRY POTTER: Revisited [Updates and Info]
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9-Jun-2023, 7:33 AM

Anjohan said:

CamSMurph said:

About time! I reckon you’ll get all eight films done by the end of the year or into the next! 😀

Is there something wrong with the audio in the PoV preview clips, though? 🤨

Haha, for my own sanity I hope not! xD But it’s me, so maybe they will be.

And kind of. The files were rendered in 5.1 and streamable has made a really low-audio stereo file out of it. So turn your volume high!

A rushed product is forever bad, as they say, so by all means, take your sweet time. 😌

I would like to ask if you’ve thought about using John Williams’ expanded scores from La-La Land Records, but I doubt you can even afford them. 😝