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25 Years of the Special Edition
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23-May-2023, 7:55 AM

😄, Juno.

We must all be a little crazy! I forgot to include this in my earlier post:

WookieeWarrior77 said:

Also of note, in this NY Times article from 25 years ago today, it reads,
“But the temptation will be to use effects because they can be used, to revel in technique rather than story. Mr. Lucas’s films have mostly avoided that temptation, but is it possible that with the tinkering in this ‘‘Special Edition,’’ he may have been slightly lured by the dark side of the Force (and its marketing potential)?”


That is an impressive prophecy about that particular temptation. I found and read the full article:

The author is strong with the Force. Lured by the dark side of the Force, Lucas was. “Let go”, he could not.