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Has anyone used Yuhan Blu-ray DVD Creator?
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22-May-2023, 8:24 PM
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22-May-2023, 8:25 PM
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I have read that oppo updated their firmware to accept bd66 and bd100 but I bought a re-writable disk to test. I heard Panasonic updated too but I am not sure about that. At least the high end.

The only other question I have is what makes it an HD disk is it the disk it’s written on or the format of the video. Meaning can I write a bluray to a DB50 disk and will work as a bluray or HD disk, and visa versa, if I use a common bluray disk and write 5 mins of 4k footage is it still seen as an HD disk? If this is the case I can use bluray software to do better menus on some of the 1080p bonus footage I have and put it all on one disk.

Anyway, thanks for this info it was very helpful.