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What do you think of the Sequel Trilogy? - a general discussion thread
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22-May-2023, 1:22 PM
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I’ll keep this brief because I don’t like thinking about these movies and I don’t feel like going in depth on them. I already did that when I did podcasts.

Force Awakens- I think it’s okay. When I first saw it I really liked it, but it didn’t hold up on rewatches. I like the first half, but I lose interest in the second half. It becomes too derivative, but the initial set-ups for some these characters was interesting. I do have some nostalgia for it because it’s the first Star Wars movie I saw in the theater and it represents a time in my life when I was more optimistic.

The Last Jedi- Loved it the first time I saw it, but it didn’t hold up at all. Has parts that I like, but the bad parts are so bad that they ruin the experience for me. I like some of the stuff with Luke, but I despise the other two plot lines. It’s such a badly paced movie with an inconsistent tone. That being said, there are some fan edits that are able to make it somewhat enjoyable, which is more than I can say for the next one.

Rise of Skywalker- Fuck this movie. The plot makes no sense and it basically seems to go out of its way to make everything pointless. It traumatized me enough that I almost lost interest in Star Wars. It’s my least favorite Star Wars movie (well unless you count the Clone Wars movie or the Holiday Special).