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Juno Eclipse
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Prequels or Sequels; Which do you prefer - and why?
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21-May-2023, 6:18 AM
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21-May-2023, 6:21 AM
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Juno Eclipse
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Sequels all the way. The will and effort was there to make them a continuation of the OT, and also try to tell their own story, even if they did drop the ball. The unnecessary jarring and disconnects in the Prequels to the Originals is just too much, with a whole bigger much ball being dropped.

Plus, the Prequels just are not fun films to watch. Slow, staid, pedestrian, flat. It is a challenge to even care about many of the characters, evolving nonsensical story, and stupidity of the their decisions. An actual chore to get through them. Sequels are far from being great, but at least they are fun, the stakes feel real, the characters are sort of relatable, and there’s is a decent story in there among the macguffins somewhere, just not executed very well. TROS obviously was that, yet actually as a finale, was more satisfying than the “tick boxing” and then underwhelming WTH turn of Anakin in seconds, in ROTS.

Edit: Is there an option for a poll on this thread? Seems like this could be suited to a poll? Plus reasons why one trilogy is preferred over the other in the posts.