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Juno Eclipse
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Why ROTJ Feels Rushed
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17-May-2023, 7:58 AM
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18-May-2023, 7:12 AM
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Juno Eclipse
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Do we know at what point in production the ‘darker’ script with “Had Abbadon” (the Imperial City) was jettisoned for a ‘lighter’ script with re-use of the Death Star instead?

As Servii posted, it was the “more sensible option from a budget and special effects standpoint, as well as helping to streamline the 3rd act.” 100%.

And like Channel72 says, ROTJ does feel like two disconnected parts of a film. It doesn’t feel “rushed” to me, but given what we know about George not wanting to make a Sequel Trilogy anymore at the time, and wanting to wrap everything up in this, it does cram a lot in.

Irvin Kershner directing this? That is something to think on! I think we’d have seen more of aspects of the nature-based Ewoks defeating the tech-driven Empire in ROTJ if that had happened. Or I like to think it would. 😃