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Reimagining the OT with more realistic space physics
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16-May-2023, 11:23 AM

It is an interesting idea. Why don’t these X-Wings have the capability to fire backwards too? Or have a rear gun? Or are able to fire chaff or a debris field from the rear like Luthen’s ship did in Andor?

I wonder if people will think that, and for other similar issues, in 100 years when they watch the films. I guess if it doesn’t break the “suspension of disbelief” of being in the moment when watching them it will likely always be accepted?

Their thoughts on 005’s gif of the Death Star having a clear line of sight for Yavin IV, from as soon as it entered the system. Only from the 1997 Special Editions onwards, and think “why didn’t they fix that for any of the future Special Edition releases?” or “why didn’t it just blow up the Rebel base before the X-Wings started their assault?”:


Maybe it is like us looking back some of the World Wars II craft that some of the Star Wars ships were based on? Why don’t the smaller planes have a rear gun? Or why not a larger space for more ammunition? Without going into the detail, and immersing yourself to the time of design, the situation they were in, shortage of materials, and how fast they could manufacture them? Most of us have watched WWII films and accepted the logic of it. Unquestioningly? The same as sci-fi, when using earth-like craft?

Up to the point of breaking that “suspension of disbelief” or logic: Battleground Earth type thinking for the lack of logic in that was very noticeable, and pulls the viewer out of the film. There may be other things in the film that had similar issues too!