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Juno Eclipse
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1997 SE : The changes to the OT films & general 1997 Special Edition discussion thread
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15-May-2023, 9:54 AM

Those are some well made points. Plus, a concerted effort of celebrating something that isn’t actually available would seem strange, and likely raise more unwanted questions.

I do find it ironic that many a 1997 Special Edition fan having to come here and look around for those preservation projects, especially given attitudes, insults, and actions of many of those early SE fans back in the day to fans of the theatrical cuts.

That would include a considerable number of fans from the likes of the staunchly pro-SE TFN, even their moderators and staff, who were part of the purging of OOT fans on TFN back in the early/mid 2000’s. I wonder if many of their views and positions have changed over time, with more releases of the Special Editions with further alterations.