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Juno Eclipse
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1997 SE : The changes to the OT films & general 1997 Special Edition discussion thread
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14-May-2023, 4:56 PM

Samuel-Wan Kenobi said:

we need the 1997 in 4k they are in a odd place only being on vhs and laserdisc while we can watch the original cut in 4k thanks to 4k77/80/83

It is strange that they have not had a high quality official release given the significance of these 1997 Special Editions.

Even for the 25th anniversary last year there didn’t seem to be much out there from Lucasfilm or the official websites celebrating or acknowledging this release.

I’ve seen calls on here and on many other websites to release all the different versions of all the Star Wars films, even if only on the “Vintage Star Wars” section of Disney+, and it is kind of surprising they haven’t done this.

It would be a big win from the PR/fan point of view as well as the financial aspect fro many increase in subscribers, costing very little to do.