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Marooned Biker Scout
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The OOT has been officially unavailable for almost a decade now
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12-May-2023, 12:40 PM

Lucas the Barbarian said:

While April of this year will mark the 10th anniversary of the Despecialized Editions, it will also have been 10 years since the last official copies of the original theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy (a mouthful, I know) were pressed and sent to retail stores. In April 2011, the 2006 GOUT DVDs ceased production, and were sold in stores up until September 2011, just before the Blu-rays were released.

Yes, the DVDs were an absolute JOKE of a product, but at least it meant the original versions were legally available to the general public in SOME form. While Harmy has done the community a HUGE favor by saving the greatest film trilogy of all time from becoming lost media and I can’t thank him enough, I also can’t help but feel like we lost something when the official releases went into the vault. It marked the end of an era when George’s Original Unaltered Trilogy was out in the open for all to buy, and the general public could view the three movies that made him so successful in the first place.

I never knew they were still pressing those DVDs in early 2011. Or selling them right up to the blu ray release, They really did take the biscuit with that “Limited Edition” text they put on those 2006 DVDs!

It is bizarre when you many fans see on reddit or social media be overjoyed that they have finally got hold of these 2006 GOUT DVDs, because they think it is the only way to the unaltered cuts. And they don’t know about Harmy’s Despecilaized, TN1’s 4K projects, or other projects on here and other similar websites.

And those poor 1997 Special Edition fans don’t even have their preferred cut of the OT on a digital release. Unless you count those very low quality VCDs.