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Spence's PT Edits Round 3 (V1 Released)
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10-May-2023, 5:48 PM

SpenceEdit said:

Here’s a bit of the love story. Instead of transitioning from their kiss by the water back to Kenobi, I decided to transition to the following morning. It flows a bit better (I know that transition has been super tricky for editors) but it also goes from a kiss to the following morning which kind of implies that Anakin and Padme had… aggressive negotiations.


Wouldn’t it be better if there was just no kiss at all? In my edit, I’ve just trimmed out the fireplace scene and removed the kiss. This way, we go from “We have feelings for each other” to “Yes we have, but we can’t be together”, and we finally end with “Our love is too strong to be kept under control, so let’s be together anyway”. I think it’s a more fluid approach to the love story, without the first kiss at all.