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The Mandalorian - Season 3: Complete Edition | A brand-new Season 3 forged from The Mandalorian and BoBF [ON HOLD]
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6-May-2023, 4:38 PM

Okay, I think I came up with a decent solution to the R5 issue in Chapter 17.

Basically, Din would get R5 at the same time as the N-1, as losthead suggested, but not for the purpose of spelunking (since Din has no plans to go to Mandalore yet); instead, Peli insists that an astromech is an essential part of a starfighter like the N-1, and Din reluctantly accepts since he just needs a ship.

Things play out similarly from there: Din goes to Kalevala, decides to go to the Living Waters, then goes to Nevarro to hopefully rebuild IG-11 to use for spelunking. However, instead of Din being told to go find a IG memory circuit, Din is told how it’s basically impossible to get a new IG memory circuit and the project ends there.

Din then leaves Nevarro and decides that he has no other option except R5, and chooses him for the job (albeit with low expectations).

I feel like this not only helps streamline things but also makes Din’s “trusting droids” arc in this season a bit stronger. Now, Din’s decision to have R5 be his spelunker is something he chooses based on his circumstances, instead of being convinced to by Peli. He makes the connection between R5 and spelunking himself, since before that he basically understood R5 as simply a component of the N-1. Having it be Din’s own choice also rewards him even more since he benefits from putting trust in a droid—as he perceives it, a very risky bet—ultimately strengthening his trust in droids.

Would love to hear y’all’s thoughts on this!