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The Mandalorian - Season 3: Complete Edition | A brand-new Season 3 forged from The Mandalorian and BoBF [ON HOLD]
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4-May-2023, 8:14 PM

losthead said:
That’s true, the IG-11 setup is pretty essential. Maybe there’s a way that Din could take the commercial vessel to Nevarro? Then he could mention to Greef that he’s looking for a replacement for the Razorcrest as well. Not sure how feasible it is, and at the end of the day not a huge issue, but interesting to think about.

I actually really like this idea. I’m still pretty attached to having Din go to Bo-Katan before preparing to go to Mandalore, which can’t coexist with him going to Nevarro first (unless they’re running greyhounds to Kalevala), but I’ll give it some thought. To be fair, Nevarro makes more sense as a commercial destination than Tatooine, since it’s on the Hydian Way.

Also, I know you mentioned AI voices, but I do know that Emily Swallow and Katee Sackhoff have Cameos for relatively cheap, that may be a viable source of lines for their characters.

Honestly, and I kinda hate saying this, I’ll probably get better results from AI. If I used Cameos I’d be matching professionally recorded audio with Emily and Katee’s iPhone mics, and I’d only get whatever take they’d send me unless I pay again. As long as I use the dialogue track as a source, the AI voices will probably sound more similar to the original dialogue, and will probably end up being more economical too.

I do like the creative solution though!