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Mysteries of hyperspace?
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3-May-2023, 8:34 AM

Marooned Biker Scout said:

Maxo said:

I was reading the Star Wars YT-1300 Complete Reference Manual and it mentioned that their are some aspects of hyperspace that remain a mystery aside from those well-established facts acknowledged by all competent astrophysicists.

What could be one of the main mysteries? I can’t think of any.

Space aliens! 😃

The Purrgil may now get a mention, and hopefully some further explanation and detailing in the coming Ahsoka series?

Those space-faring whale-like creatures that appear in the “Rebels” animated series, will likely feature in some sort of reasoning as to what happened with both Ezra and Thrawn?

Oh, shit! They’re going to link hyperspace travel to the Force, or force sensitive Purrgil, aren’t they?

I really hope they not do that.