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The Mandalorian - Season 3: Complete Edition | A brand-new Season 3 forged from The Mandalorian and BoBF [ON HOLD]
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3-May-2023, 2:07 AM

losthead said:

This sounds perfect! Working BoBF in as a subplot of Mando’s story feels a lot more balanced than how it ended up being presented, and I’m intrigued to see how Grogu being missing is accomplished. Definitely feel like more time apart will be more impactful. Out of curiosity, how much of Boba Fett’s story will be included? Do we see his flashbacks, or is it just Din’s interactions with him?

Just Din’s ineractions; Boba’s basically functioning as a guest star like last season. Season 2’s post-credits sets this up fine as-is, so I don’t feel like I really need to include much else. Boba’s rise to power is now simply implied with the passage of time (which, given how it actually went down in BoBF, I’m ok with not seeing).

Also, and this would require some more VFX work than may be possible, but with Grogu out of the picture, maybe Din gets R5 from the get go of having the N1? Would be a bit difficult to pull off, but would spare a return trip to Peli’s.

This is something I was considering, but the problem is that Din’s trip to Nevarro sets up a lot of plot threads (Greef offering Din land/a home, IG-11/12’s return, the pirates). The only one of these I can probably get rid of without missing much is the pirates, but the Anzellans only appearing in the penultimate episode with a brand new mech for no reason doesn’t feel great. And the promise of land is both the motivation for the Mandalorians taking action against the pirates and setup for where Din ends up at the end of the season.

I agree that him going back to Peli’s feels strange, but I don’t think there’s much I can do. If you have any ideas let me know!

Lastly, are the Plazir and Pershing stories cut down? I imagine that episode with both of them would have to be quite hefty.

Yes, that’s the goal! I haven’t made a rough cut of that episode yet, but based on my notes it should be pretty easy to condense.

Really excited to see where this goes! As another full time student, best of luck with your endeavors! Finals will be kicking our asses haha.

Oh yes! Can’t stop the academic grind.