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4K83 - Released
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19-Apr-2023, 9:07 AM

ShotByT-16 said:

A New Hope was shot in Technicolor … Technicolor is/was notoriously beautiful after all.

Can you guys imagine if Star Wars was actually filmed with Technicolor cameras like the Wizard of Oz? What a trip that would be.

There was a time before Kodak when all color was Technicolor. Even films shot on Kodak had Technicolor prints, dwindling to an occasional thing as color film improved, yet the practice persisted til the early 21st century. To be honest I’m not even sure if I ever saw a dye print in the 80s/90s. Sorry this is going off topic.

But I didn’t know 4k83 was from a 2nd gen copy… so the point of an interposotive is to have better control of colors, and then the internegs and release positives don’t need color correction? I guess the 4k83 print is basically the same as an interpositive? For exhibition I’ve only heard of that for 70mm blowups but not straight 35mm copies. There must be a greater discussion of this print somewhere–in this thread or the other forum?