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Mando EP4: Return to Mandalore 4K [RELEASED]
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18-Apr-2023, 6:08 PM

STF78 said:

smudger9 said:

szopman said:

In the end, you’re going to move the Luke Skywalker stuff to this film ? Or you re gonna leave it as a part of Ep III?

Leaving it in episode 3. I’m currently mulling over a radial change to EPs 2 and 3 to take out more Boba stuff and shuffle things around.

Are you able to give us any more info on the potential changes to episodes two and three?

Episode 2 is a bit of an issue because it now has some important story elements missing.

  1. Carson Teva’s interactions with Mando/Nevarro.
  2. The cloning facility on Nevarro.
  3. Elspeth Morgan and the Beskar spear.

These elements were cut to stick to a reasonable runtime and allow Luke’s appearance to be the finale. However, these elements have become very important.

My current thinking is to put these elements back into episode 2 and have the movie end on a cliffhanger with Gideon’s capture of Grogu. (Like ESB).

The rescue can then be the opening of Episode 3 and the sudden decision to capture Pershing can be explained in the opening crawl. I will then cut Boba’s story down to a bare minimum and have episode three to focus on Mando and Grogu.
Grogu’s training scenes will be intercut with Mando’s journey. Mando will not travel to meet Grogu, Grogu will make his decision and then head off to find Mando.

The main negative is that Luke’s first appearance begs to be the finale of a movie, not the end of the opening act, but this would allow all the important story beats to be included.