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Hal 9000
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Star Wars Episode X: Fate Of The Jedi (title TBD)
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8-Apr-2023, 3:05 PM

General film discussion thread, for non-fan-edit-related discussion: https://originaltrilogy.com/topic/Rey-Skywalker-Upcoming-live-action-motion-picture-general-discussion-thread/id/103921/page/1#1532655

With the recent unexpected announcement of a film featuring Rey Skywalker set fifteen years after The Rise of Skywalker which will focus on her efforts to rebuild the Jedi Order, I feel warranted in creating this project thread. I’m being a little snarky in doing so, but even though we know extremely little about this film I already have a central idea.

This movie appears to be suited for a title prefix of “Episode 10” in substance. It’s a major motion picture about what happens to the chief character of the prior trilogy. From a marketing perspective, LFL likely does not want to remain beholden to these episode numbers. But from an old-school nerd perspective, giving it this title would seem appropriate.

So one thing I would hope to do is add a proper opening and title crawl to consider it an Episode X, as well as working in any trappings of the main saga films that could be missing, such as potentially needing to add some traditional Williams-esque score or optical wipe transitions. I would also plan to release a version that makes whatever changes are made, but which does not wrap the film in the ‘Episode X’ title. (If this film doesn’t have a Wilhelm scream, by God we’ll add one.)

Part of the reason I am making this thread is to selfishly claim a spot in hopefully managing another collaborative project. Or at worst, foment productive discussion toward such a project even if someone else helms it by that point in the indeterminate, you-never-know-what-life-will-throw-at-you future.