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Fantasia Special Edition 35mm Restoration 1.0 (released)
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6-Apr-2023, 3:49 AM

monks19 said:

Hello all. I hope you’re doing well. Any fresh news on this project ? I’ve been able to see the last result and all I can say WOW!!! Terrific work on this. I’m looking forward for any future work/improvements on this one. The only things I think that still need some works are the parts that are still looking rough on the image (dammages and splices are quite presents at the beginning of the movie) and of course the Fantasound sound track that still needs some patches and adjustmants here and there.

Otherwise, terrific work and huge improvement over the Thunderbean release indeed (which, to be fair was only scanned without any work/manipulations at all).

Thank you for sharing this with us all. Let’s hope they’ll be 2.0 version coming soon.

I would sure love to see a V2 with clean up, but I haven’t got the skills and right tools to do this properly. So unfortunately for now, the only way we can have a V2 is if anyone who saw this release would like to help with this.

As for the audio, I’m not sure I understand what’s wrong because it is the Fantasound track from the laserdisc, which is already restored and shouldn’t need patching. Also I looked many times when I edited the video and there was only one splice (and quite a big one), which I patched up with Thunderbean’s 35mm.