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Star Wars Saga Fan Edit: Prequels Simple Edition & Original Trilogy Prequel Edition
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2-Apr-2023, 3:00 PM

PsyGemini said:

Thanks for reading and replying!

I’m still on the wait for my definitive version of Ep I and II (Ep III Rebalanced does it for me), so count me anxious to see what you’re gonna cook out of these two.

Thanks! EP III rebalanced sounds interesting… I’ll make sure to check it out

Have you watched Caleb Gamman’s Ep II (AoTC Fixed)? IMHO it’s the best one yet, just suffers from the horribly low-quality deleted scenes, and IIRC could edit some 3pO CG slapstick childish humor out. But pretty sure that’s easily doable these days.

I have heard of it, seeing the YT video in my recommended, but I’ve never looked into it. I’ll see if any of the changes will work for me.

Oh, but…
“The fish attack is still there, but trimmed.”
PLEASE don’t. I’m more than fine with showing the underwater city and a bit of the gungans, but the “let’s go through the planet core” is some of most nonsensical thing we’ve ever had in science fiction, and adds nothing to the plot whatsoever. But hey, your edit, your calls, of course.

My reason for including it was to keep the “kids movie” feel of this movie. Lucas always intended for each SW movie to be different, and all I wanted to do was keep the complexity of the story while making it a fun kids adventure. I definitely see what you mean though, It’s really just there to show off the new visual effects. Removing it would probably tighten up pacing also.