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Superweapon VII
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Reimagining the OT with more realistic space physics
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8-Mar-2023, 10:06 PM

I’m not a science buff, but I have at least a rudimentary understanding of biology and physics, and it does vex me immensely when I see sci-fi works blatantly disregard physical laws. Star Trek is a perfect exemplar of what I’m taking about, which is why I have an immense love/hate relationship with that franchise. And this came to colour my perception of Star Wars, too. But there’s a thread on this site which makes a strong case that SW was never meant to be viewed as sci-fi, but rather Surrealist fantasy.


Viewed through that lens, the 2D space travel, human-piloted fighters, giant legged walkers, and other logically implausible elements SW is rife with don’t bother me so bad.