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X-Men: The Dark Stand (released)
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4-Mar-2023, 6:21 PM

Hey, Cameron Samurai,

I just finished watching the Dark Stand, and I enjoyed it. The way you included the flashbacks from Apocalypse was cool. This edit revealed the narrative of Charles becoming a bad guy and how Jean losing control of her powers sent Mutant and Human relationships back. What might improve the narrative even more is finding a way to resolve the tension between Jean and Charles, not necessarily in a good way, but maybe you could return the scene where Jean kills Charles. You probably took that out because Charles is alive in Logan, so maybe that wouldn’t work. But if there was some way to bring the relationship full circle at the end, I think it would help. Perhaps the scene where she kills Charles could be played as a mental battle? I don’t know if you need the monologue or the scenes with Jean in the medical bay or the scene with the Cyclops at the end. Maybe instead of bringing her back to like, you can use the shot of the Phoenix flying at the end of Dark Phoenix.

I kinda wish there was a little more included with Wolverine’s origin and how he became part of the X- Men because, as it is now, it seems like he randomly becomes the main character, and it seems out of left field to me. I like how you took out the romance between Wolverine and Jean, though. Also, since no one in the X-Men is supposed to have seen Jean in years, Wolverine seems too emotionally invested in her before he kills her. Maybe you could cut out more dialogue between them in that last scene, but that could make him seem heartless. Maybe you could replace the dialogue with a flashback to the scene where Jean restores his memories maybe?

I think for Magneto. Maybe you should edit to wear Jean stays with Magneto in the Dark Phoenix portion of the movie. That way, it’s less confusing when he talks to her later in the woods in the Last Stand portion. To make it seem like he took her in then and there. You could put the newscast about Mutants being arrested in stuff after she attacks the cops and kills Mystique, and also makes it seem like Magneto never became a pacifist. And I don’t know if this is worth including, but maybe you could add the scene from Apocalypse where Magneto’s family is killed?

I think the final battle could use some editing. Jean’s supposed to be this all-powerful being, but she just stands there the whole time. Magneto’s emo squad and Angel could be minimized a little more. I like how you included Angel’s story in the beginning and gave his dad motivation to make the cure, but after that, I don’t know how important they are, and I think they could be taken out of the final battle altogether. I don’t think the story with Rogue and Bobby is that important, either, since they’re not at the film’s beginning.

I like how you are trying to give this movie a happy ending, but I think the story might work better as a tragedy and would lead to Logan more effectively. That being said, you’re an editing genius. These movies tie together better than I ever thought they would. Thanks for putting in all the effort to make this. I will watch X-Men movies like this from now on, First Class, Days of Future Past, and then the Dark Stand. Thanks again. You’re a real talent.