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The Force Awakens: Starlight (V1.1 Released!)
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3-Mar-2023, 5:49 PM

A duology would definitely be always a bit of an exercise in unfinished potential, but one I could live with.

I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of a full fanedited sequel trilogy, but the amount of work needed for TROS is almost beyond what I believe this community could accomplish.

I say almost, but with all the new AI tools becoming available, I’m not so sure. Maybe AI and the skill of our creators may one day allow for a true Snoke Mastermind edit (an edit where Rey’s Palpatine lineage is an illusion, Palpatine himself is an illusion, and the fleet is an illusion, all created by Snoke).

Also, JJB, I tried using the AI ‘Finn’ beginning but I think the original works best here.

I’m hoping to render the final file tonight, so if there are any final requests, now’s the time.