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Prequel Trilogy + Obi-Wan Kenobi = Prequel Trilogy
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26-Feb-2023, 3:51 PM

So I had an idea of combining the Prequel Trilogy and Obi-Wan Kenobi into a Prequel Trilogy by doing massive cuts on all four. My edit ideas are as follows:


  • Trade dispute stuff, when Qui-Gonn/Obi-Wan come down (cut A LOT OF fight in that in beginning).
  • Meeting Jar Jar, underwater settlement, cut as much as possible, no bigger fish, bongo ship, cut to in city.
  • On Tatooine, cut that he made C3PO, cut as much of Watto, in the town stuff, with kids, pod-race in-between as possible tighten it up rescore stuff (haven’t done this yet, so yeah), no midichlorians.
  • Keep most of Coruscant stuff, back on Naboo, meeting with Naboo/Gungans, keep, Padme/Captain get Nute, cut to Obi/Qui-Gonn to Darth Maul w/out Anakin if possible, if not, yes, Anakin just stays, battle droids, but major cuts to that, very little JarJar, combo of success w/Padme, failure w/Obi. The rest to the end probably and then celebration wipes into AOTC first scene.
  • Ship flying into Coruscant with the words in SW text: TEN YEARS LATER… on the screen appearing and then beginning with Amidala’s plane landing, explosion. Training scene from OWK. Anakin/Obi are her protectors.
  • Assassination attempt, add any deleted scenes, love story/Kamino, then they go to Tatooine, he goes to his mom.
  • CUTS, CHANGES HERE: Obi-wan hears Dooku THEN we get to Anakin going to Sand people, cut to him killing them, cut to him back w/body, scene w/Padme about killing them and funeral (but cut straight to Anakin’s eulogy) and end on his “I will not fail again.” and then rescore to swelling music to SW theme. CREDITS


  • Obi-Wan contacts Anakin, captured by droidekas, wipe to Anakin/Padme listening to his message.
  • Dooku trying to turn Obi, no-go, Anakin/Padme on Geonosi - basically cut most of machines against machine sequence.
  • Love confession. Arena sequence. Mace/Jedi arrive, Jedi/Droid fight, then Yoda/Clones arrive. Victory. Dooku escapes, three-way fight there, Dooku escapes again, Mace/Yoda discuss Sidious. New Clone forces get going. Anakin/Padme get married. Swipes up to space, preparing to save Palpatine. Tighten up this entire section, taking as much humor as possible, make it go-go-go with action to continue the somber mood of the wedding, leading into the moment of darkness when Anakin kills at Palpy’s urging. Escape again tightened, quicker pace.
  • Return to Coruscant, after Padme tells him she’s pregnant, he hears his mother’s voice faintly unable to finish telling him she loved him before she died.
  • Grievous/Sidious stuff.
  • Anakin finding Shmi in the Sand People camp and dying in his arms flashback happens and her eyes closing fades into Padme’s eyes closing in the ROTS post-childbirth scene. He wakes up and talks to Padme about his dreams. Palpatine talks to him about wanting him as his personal rep on the Jedi Council. Anakin not Master, Anakin angry, council don’t care, council wants Anakin to spy, Anakin not happy again, Obi-wan not happy too, Anakin grr.
  • The tragedy of Darth Plagueis. In some dialogue-less moment towards the end, Shmi’s voice saying goodbye to young Anakin and then Padme crying his name at some point during Mustafar rings in his head.
  • Kashyyk stuff, Grievous stuff, edited, tightened as much as possible. Intertwine the Palpatine/Anakin stuff throughout these scenes so that we have the growing frustration/disgust w/the Jedi Council, the fear over losing Padme tied to his mother’s death building throughout with Kashyyk and Grievous playing a smaller role. This is about Anakin’s fall.
  • Anakin learns about Palpatine’s evildoings, but also he convinces Anakin that he can save Padme. Anakin tells the council, they go after Palpy, but Anakin is focused on saving Padme, --> add this --> memories of Shmi from TFA, her death, future dreams of Padme’s death, her cry of name < – over Palpatine’s promise saying if the Jedi kill him, he can’t save Padme. He goes after the Jedi going after Palpy. It’s Jedi against Palpy, then just Mace, then Anakin, then, Palpy convinces him gotta save Padme. (Insert cry of Padme crying his name before he cuts Mace’s arm.)
  • Mace dead, Anakin turns. Insert Reva youngling scenes from OWK. Order 66. Swells into SW theme. CREDITS


  • Vader tells Padme the Jedi are traitors, and that he’s going to Mustafar, he does and kills the Separatist council. Back in Coruscant, tells them all Bad Jedi, thunderous applause as liberty dies. Empire is born, Padme and Bail are not impressed.
  • Obi/Yoda learn about Anakin. Has sadz. Obi tells a way preggers Padme, she can’t believe it’s as bad as he says and believes that Anakin is still there. Meanwhile, Anakin knows how far gone he is and knows, dude, I be gone. However, Padme is on her way to him, Obi stows aboard.
  • She arrives on Mustafar. Anakin is happy until Obi’s name comes up. Then it’s lies and Obi sucks. She tries to get him to join her, but he wants her to join him in evil. That’s a no-go. Padme realizes that Anakin is too far gone. Oh noes, then Obi steps out and Anakin is so gone, he’s full-on Vader now, Padme is force-choked unconscious, and then the whole fighting in Mustafar begins. Some editing, tightening of this section will happen, mostly in the jumping on the river of lava because, really?
  • In Coruscant, Yoda and Sidious have their little fight. It is so not great. So mucho editing/tightening to make it not so not great.
  • Padme gives birth. Edit dialogue to have her not just, you know, die for no reason. What to do with babies.
  • Vader surgery, Death Star construction. Padme funeral, Yoda to Dagobah. C3PO memory wipe. Tantooine twin suns, and then wipe to --> Tatooine sand and SW text: TEN YEARS LATER… on the screen appearing and then Inquisitors going into Tatooine bar, looking for Jedi before we cut to Obi-Wan’s routine, young luke then wipes to Leia in tree, hops down, major edits to quick kidnapping.
  • Back to Tatooine, dead Jedi hanging, Obi/Owen looking at each other. “Keep your distance.” back in cave, message from Bail.
  • Haja is kept because he pops up later. Ben rescues Leia, she doesn’t run away because she’s not an idiot. No second kidnapping. No evil Lola plot. A lot of the stupid inquisitor bickering doesn’t happen. Less STs missing shots. A lot of tightening on pacing, edits here and there overall.
  • A LOT of the refugee stuff cut because basically it just felt like ‘oh, we have to fill time here.’
  • Keeping Reva going after Luke, Beru/Owen protecting him stuff but again, edits, tightening up.
  • No references to reaching out to Qui-Gonn. Final scene is Obi/Ben talking to Luke: “Hello, there.”

So, I think with edits and cutting what I plan to these could each be about 2hr20 to no more than 2hr30. I think. Thoughts?