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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread
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5-Feb-2023, 10:38 AM

The despecialized version of Return of the Jedi fits better with the rest of the old EU than any of the subsequent Special Editions. I personally don’t like the idea of a victory celebration all across the Galaxy. As we know through the EU, the Battle of Endor didn’t mean the total defeat of the Empire in the entire Galaxy, but simply the turning point in the fight against the Empire. In fact, after Endor the Empire still had control of many of the most important planets, including Coruscant and Naboo. Thus, seeing a victory celebration on those two planets makes no sense, because they were still in Imperial hands and the Rebellion had not yet totally won the war. So, I think it would be better to circumscribe the celebration on Endor without showing any other celebration in the Galaxy. Therefore, Yub Nub is a necessary evil that I’m willing to accept for a matter of consistency with the rest of the EU.