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Song Of The South [35mm Restoration V3] (a WIP)
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3-Feb-2023, 4:14 PM

jamesxphoto said:

CMGF said:

Class316 said:

jamesxphoto said:

I guarantee that’s probably Notelu’s version they obtained and just said its their own.

That’s what I was thinking. Buy why put it on a DVD not a blu?

Yeah that’s weird. I guess they are most likely not telling the truth, because they say that this movie will never be available on HD, while we have Notelu’s version since 2018/17.

And we still don’t know the source of that Japanese blu reviewed on youtube.

I may have the answer.
The songofthesouth.net review said:

“I had an opportunity to review one such copy, produced by Stinky Tuna. The quality is by far the best out there to date, owing in part to its source — a 16mm film print originally remastered…”

Because the Blu Ray is (as far as I know) not produced by them, I guess they have no interest to lie. There is also a seperate review for Notelu’s version there, so most likely this is a different restoration.

okay if they state its the 16mm print that’s been floating around for a while now so thats why its on dvd. because its a small file.

I meant the stinkytuna Blu Ray, not the DVD. I don’t know if it is the same 16mm scan that is available on torrent sites or a different print.