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Song Of The South [35mm Restoration V3] (a WIP)
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26-Jan-2023, 4:34 AM

Class316 said:

I’m looking on archive.org


[V2] Notelu’s Song Of The South Restoration

This is regarded as the best version out there. Added on there in 2018.

I also see

Song Of The South (4K Restoration)

Added in 2021. But honestly looks inferior to the V2 Notelu at least in terms of color. And may even be in upscale I don’t know.

Am I missing another better version?

The 4K restoration is an upscale, and I think it’s also out of sync, at least during “Zip a Dee Doo Dah”. There is also a fan made BluRay which was reviewed at songofthesouth.net and described as the best way to watch the film currently, but it didn’t make it to the internet as far as I know and I didn’t manage to get a copy.