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4K77 - Released
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22-Jan-2023, 2:37 PM
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22-Jan-2023, 2:39 PM
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StarkillerAG said:

AdmiralWasabi10191 said:

StarkillerAG said:

AdmiralWasabi10191 said:

richie77 said:

Can some one DM me the link for the Star.Wars.4K77.2160p.UHD.DNR.35mm.x265-v1.0?

No. DNR can go suck a fuck.

First, rude. And second, people can ask for whatever they want. Even if there was a fanedit where the Jedi Rocks scene is 20 minutes long, it would be completely valid for people to ask for that. Your personal tastes really don’t matter.

Again, DNR can go suck a fuck. Watch DONNIE DARKO. You guessed it, the quote is from there. Albiet differently, but the same.

I don’t care where you got it from, it’s still rude, and people can ask for whatever they want.

So, to answer the guy’s question (since you clearly won’t), go on one of the more popular torrent sites (I prefer 1337x, but any one is fine), and search “4K77 DNR”. Someone has almost certainly uploaded it.

Why there? Better place to get it. I’m part of that forum, and much betterer forum options there too instead of this place. Even grabbed STAR WARS [1977] 4K77 2160p No-DNR 35mm v1.4 which is 73.2GB from there.
Still, DNR can always go suck a fuck, thank you kindly.