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Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD - V2.5 - AVCHD DVD9 & NTSC DVD5 (Released)
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22-Jan-2023, 2:32 PM
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22-Jan-2023, 4:11 PM
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Hal 9000 said:

Film preservation is often much more of a cobble job than you may realize. I think we all understand your opinion on things at this point, so why not direct your attention to threads belonging to projects you are interested in?

The quote feature does work, you know.

CatBus said:

AdmiralWasabi10191 said:

Would be a fine BD25, since BD50s are still too expensive. Not the DVD9 or AVCHD. Why would I want to DVD5? I’d rather use those for random bonus feature or older tech preservations.

FWIW, the AVCHD is sized to fit on a DVD9, but also burns to a BD25 or BD50, which could be necessary depending on how many additional audio tracks you include. It’s still an HD release. AVCHD is just a way to describe this funky method that some Blu-ray players have allowing for HD content on DVD media, which was a bigger deal when Blu-ray burners were rare, DVD burners were common, and people still wanted to burn HD media.

DVD5 was for those who didn’t even have a Blu-ray player – again, more of a relic of an earlier time when this was more common, but Blu-ray players are even today still not pervasive in all parts of the world. DVD5 was preferred to DVD9 for the SD downscale because you could avoid the layer change, which complicated the burning process and also sometimes made the playback experience worse (again, old tech).

Because Despecialized is older, it’s also a bit of a time capsule. Just ignore the older bits you’re not interested in. Personally, I always burn it to BD25.

I used to AVCHD a lot. Used to meaning I completely forgot how to. The ASUS Blu-ray disc burners I have can play those, of course with whatever Cyberlink PowerDVD number I have on my Windows 10 self-built HDR10 100% capable PC I have, and the UHD disc player I own can too.
So glad I skipped this ages ago, maybe I had it on a DVD9 but too damn lazy to check which ‘stash’ I have it with, and since I got interested in various preservations and edits again, BD25 is easy peasy lemony squeezy. It’d still be 3 BD25 at least, what with the NJVC guide in the other thread, and the other forum I grabbed this from. It’s just the BD25 documentary discs I’m burning for now, thankfully with IMGBurn, but the first two discs later. BD50 is still too expensive to me to justify burning this project onto, BD25s are less expensive.
No need for me to get any multi-disc BD cases, would rather have these in those crazy 200+ disc binders though. Would take up less space. It’s what I meant with the ‘piles’ regarding my mindset.
Documentary discs are of course a different pile altogether.
Still nice this project features subtitles. More should. Especially fan edits.