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Am i the only one that has a fundamental issue with Clones' Inhibitor Chips?
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22-Jan-2023, 12:08 AM

Both from the perspective of them being (coincidentally speaking) easily discoverable, but most importantly, how the whole story plays out in the Clone Wars.

I already have my issues with how the republic (and the Jedi) accepts the Clone Army without doing any sort of investigation while also being forced to use it to repel the Separatist attacks.
At such point they already knew:
A) That Kamino was erased from the Jedi Archives
B) That the army was ordered by a Jedi who died prior to the commission
C) That they were clones of the Bounty Hunter sent to assassinate Padmé.
D) That Dooku told Obi-Wan (although considered a lie back then) Darth Sidious was controlling the senate.

I know these are AotC’s faults more than TCW, however, showing that Rex AND Anakin were told about the plot (and it would have been bad enough that every jedi knew about what Tops did and how suspiciously elusive and borderline confrontational the Kaminoans were during the initial investigation) honestly feels like overexplaining themselves into a dead end, while self-indulgently wanting dissect every single detail about the Order 66 origins.
In my opinion it would have been simply better to leave it as mental conditioning (Manchurian Candidate-style), with unspecified genetic modifications as mentioned in AotC without introducing biochips, tumors and whatnot, and DEFINITELY NOT prior accidents related to it.

I usually hate the “less is more” motto, but i guess there are times when it just is undeniably true, like this one.
Well, i guess this and Prometheus, but we’re not here to talk about Alien lore, are we? : P