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The inaccuracies in "How Star Wars Was Saved in the Edit"
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16-Jan-2023, 2:24 AM
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16-Jan-2023, 2:25 AM
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Correct. He did a lot of research clearly which is really awesome. And it proves that RocketJump wasn’t exactly being genuine in his portrayal of Lucas and the making of the movie.

I’ve discussed this video with people here before, and people got upset about it. And yeah, the guy can be passive aggressive and somewhat mean, which is a problem, but a lot of the points are still valid. I can understand being mad about slander and misinformation about something you love at the same time though. People getting upset at the video was also probably partially due to the way I talked about it, due to my explosive nature. I think you’ll get a lot better reception as you’re way cooler and more level-headed and this post is much more objective.

Ultimately I think the original RocketJump video gained a lot of traction because people really want an answer to, “What happened to the Lucas that directed the original trilogy?/WTF happened with the prequels?” question. Which is understandable and very relatable. I felt that during my latest rewatch. But to take on a mindset that it must’ve been because George Lucas was just never good is not the answer. The real answer is definitely way more complex.