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ANDOR - Disney+ Series - A General Discussion Thread
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15-Jan-2023, 8:25 AM

I agree with many of you, this show is amazing! Gilroy manages to expand the GFFA with new aspects and stories and make them interesting with great writing and the actors deliver with their performances. Tired, easy tropes are left in the background, we barely see x-wings, TIEs show up for a few moments and stormtroopers are in the background until the season finale. Gilroy not being a big SW fan really helped the show, as he probably had sort of a outsider eye for the whole thing. And they still have some hardcore fans in the production to make the world’s details match with what has come before. The fan service is organic and not in your face.

The first two episodes could probably have been edited down to one episode but otherwise I really liked the pacing too. This feels like a proper series it was developed as when comparing to Boba and Kenobi with their their six episode runs that still didn’t have enough plot (or it was stupid). This and The Mandalorian compete for the best SW tv, depending on the mood. Andor is way more original though and I have a big respect for it because of that.