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Marooned Biker Scout
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Cassian Andor - Live-Action Series
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14-Jan-2023, 1:51 PM

GlastoEls said:

Marooned Biker Scout said:

Spaceman’s 15 minute review video Andor Is A Star Wars Masterpiece From 1978 more or less puts my thoughts into better words than I ever could come up with.

It is a drag we have to wait until 2024? to see Andor’s 2nd season, but for this quality a show, I will happily wait. The first time since 1983 that felt a believable, compelling and expansive part built upon OT universe. With honorable mentions for R1 and Solo in parts.

I also find it refreshing to see people from all across the fandom enjoy the show online too. To see that love and appreciation for Star Wars once again.

Thanks for that recommendation; what a terrific YouTube review that is.

I’ve really enjoyed watching some of the review videos on Andor. It is refreshing to see so many positive videos on it, covering everything from cinematography, to the acting, to writing, to design. Even on the sound editing and music in the series, or even those sometimes cringey “reaction” videos have had some good insights and thoughts on the series as it progressed.