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Legends material you would like to see reinstated into canon?
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The entire post-ROTJ era

The Final Death of the Emperor

The Battle of Onderon in 11 ABY sees Emperor Palpatine, his clones sabotaged by a cabal of Imperials, finally die. The Empire in very swift order collapses, confused Imperials all but abandoning swathes of the Core, including Chandrila, Hosnian Prime and Corellia. Warlords rise in the Deep Core and Southern Core, and fighting takes place on Coruscant itself as the populace rises up against the Empire, isolating Grand Vizier Amedda. Due to how dispersed the Empire was in the aftermath of Operation Shadow Hand, the Empire finds itself fighting on many disjointed fronts, with isolated fiefoms rising in the Southern Rim in the Anoat and Atravis Sectors, even as Kuat is imperiled. What hastens the Empire’s fall is just as much the Empire’s relative military weakness as its dedication to Operation Cinder, which turns whole swathes of the galaxy against the Empire.
Alphabet Squadron, Shattered Empire, Battlefront 2.

The cabal founds the Imperial Ruling Council, in an effort to keep the Empire afloat as the Crimson Empire, connecting with Imperial fortress worlds in the Core and Outer Rim. An effort to rejuvenate the Empire with alien membership begins, but the Council leader, Carnor Jax, is swiftly killed by Kir Kanos.
Crimson Empire I

While the New Republic capital settles on Chandrila, Imperials retreat to Akiva in the Outer Rim in the months after the Emperor’s final death, attempting to create a solution to the Empire’s weakness. This is a ploy by Fleet Admiral Rax to eliminate the opposition, and Admiral Sloane is the only survivor.

Public central Imperial authority is shattered by the Imperial Ruling Council being picked at by the Yuuzhan Vong, Black Sun and finally by a self-proclaimed Emperor. The Battle of Ord Cantrell sees the Council captured and the Empire’s central authority cede to the self-declared Grand Admiral Sloane, who commands the largest portion of the Imperial Navy that remains loyal. The warlords ignore this, and Coruscant and Kuat remain isolated - the latter under constant assault.
Crimson Empire II.

The New Republic captures Kuat, and the Empire offers to sue for peace even as Han Solo leads a campaign to free Kashyyyk, which remains in Imperial hands. After a month of peace, Sloane is duped into attempting to assassinate the New Republic leadership, and the war restarts though Kashyyyk falls, with Naboo becoming a flashpoint.
Aftermath II.

A year after the final death of the Emperor, the Battle of Jakku occurs even though Coruscant remains uncaptured, even as the capital settles on the Mid Rim world of Nakadia. Much of the unified Imperial fleet is destroyed, leaving over a dozen isolated Imperial factions. Grand Vizier Amedda cedes Coruscant to the New Republic, running the provisional government there. At this time Solo’s fourth child is born.
Aftermath III.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Jakku, the New Republic reconstruction efforts on Coruscant sees the gravity of the world draw the Senate there.

A New Era

Reconstruction efforts abound and the Jedi are re-founded in this golden age. The four Solo children are kept separated to protect them, as the peace remains a weak one, with pirates such as Tavira and terrorists such as Daala on the horizon. Similarly, the Restored Empire and Empire Reborn, who do not adhere to the Galactic Concordance, abound in the shadows. The New Republic appoints governors to key worlds that do not join the New Republic wholesale, while Imperial bury into the Unknown Regions to join The informal triumvirate of Maximilian Veers, Rae Sloane, and Brendol Hux are overthrown by the 501st at the behest of sith loyalists led by snoke.
Jedi Academy Trilogy, NuCanon, templin institute.

In the subsequent years, the Imperial Civil War ends and the warlords are all killed or sidelined, with the terrorist element of the Empire burned out by 14 ABY.

A War Winds Down

However, the True Empire is the successor to the Empire, and not a signatory to the Galactic Concordance. It is also, relatively speaking, not a threat and save for a few months of violence, settles behind its borders in a Cold War with the New Republic for nearly five years - though isolated satrapies exist throughout the Outer Rim and galaxy even five years after the Emperor’s final death. In many ways, the Galactic Civil War did end at Jakku. Come 17 ABY, when the Empire and successor Deep Core warlords unify against the New Republic, within weeks the Empire is defeated and withdrawn to the heart of the Deep Core or less than ten sectors in the Rim. Of note in this era is the foundation of the Centrist party, when ex-Imperials are allowed to join the Senate.
Legends generally, and also Mandalorian.

In 19 ABY the Imperial Remnant, which controls eight sectors, sues for peace, eight years after the Emperor’s final death.

Peace in our time

The Bastion Accords are an update of the Galactic Concordance, but the Deep Core Imperials, revealed as the Second Imperium, do not sign. Three years after the Accords they raid the New Republic, but fail abysmally, notwithstanding the rumoured return of Palpatine (which was in-fact a hologram fake), a Dark Jedi army (destroyed), and an alliance with the ever resurgent Nightsisters (who are crushed). The New Republic deals with any threat to its legitimacy for the next six years. Generally however, the three years of the Solo children - Jacen and Jaina; Anakin; Ben, have their own trials to face but it is unfortunately easy to say that Ben loses out more than his siblings.
Hand of Thrawn Duology, YJK arc

The New Jedi Order

In 25 ABY the Yuuzhan Vong arrive and the war goes poorly for the New Republic, Imperial Remnant and other powers - and the Skywalker/Solo family, who lose Chewbacca at Sernpidal and Mara Jade Skywalker suffers from illness. Taking advantage of the chaos, the Sith Eternal sabotage Chiss controls over the Killiks, triggering a Chiss Civil War and smashing the Empire of the Hand, disrupting the balance of power in the region as Coruscant falls to the Yuuzhan Vong - and Anakin Solo dies, a dark moment not balanced out by the birth of Ben Skywalker and Mara’s recovery. A year later the survivors of the New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Hapans and Hutts form a Galactic Alliance against the invaders, and a year after that the Yuuzhan Vong are defeated and the Sekot Accords signed, ending the war in 29 ABY. Jacen and Jaina are lauded as heroes, and Ben narrowly misses out on being sent to the Maw due to his age with the other Jedi children, instead remaining on the move, and, yet again, separated from his family for nearly four years. Chewbacca’s actual survival buoys the family shortly after the war, Han discovering that the Wookiee had been caught up in the refugee trap for the war. After the Yuuzhan Vong War the New Republic remains a signatory of the Galactic Alliance with the Remnant, Hapans and Hutts, the New Republic capital settling on Hosnian Prime while the Alliance one settles on Denon and, later, the recaptured and somewhat restored Coruscant.

The Galactic Alliance

Jacen heads on a sojourn to broaden his knowledge of the Force, while Jaina becomes a frontline Jedi Knight. Concerned by Ben’s darkness, Leia asks Luke to personally tutor him while she returns to the New Republic Senate. Han and Chewbacca enter the racing circuit in the meantime. In the background of this all, The Sith Eternal grows in the Unknown Regions, and the One Sith seek to take advantage of the strains of the newly unified galaxy. Gridlock consumes the New Republic Senate in the form of the Populist and Centrist parties, and the Galactic Alliance creates a smaller Senate to manage the affairs of the galaxy, with various worlds opting for dual membership. Worlds which fully join the GA have membership requirements to fulfill, and opt out of the Galactic Concordance. This includes Corellia, Bothawui, Commenor, Kashyyyk and other worlds, who create fleets in excess that the Concordance would allow. The Remnant donates the Megador to the GA Navy, and the New Republic donates the Bounty and the Fifth Fleet. Four new GA fleets are created of newer designs. Garm Bel Iblis takes the reins as NR Supreme Commander, with the NR retaining the Guardian, Viscount and Harbinger dreadnoughts.
Stitching, implied, Bloodline.

Twenty four years after the Emperor’s final death, or, 35 ABY


The Napkin Bombings and the revelation of her parentage to a new generation of Senators sees Leia removed from the Senate and found the Resistance to find the true culprits behind the conspiracy within the Centrist party. Leia and Han reunite aboard the Falcon, helping out the GA and Jedi as necessary - the crisis causing Luke to return home and care for his own Ben with Mara. Towards the latter part of the year, the Killiks reach the Chiss border and the Dark Nest within the Killik Colony draws Jedi into the conflict, causing the Hapans to intervene at the behest of Jacen and the GA guarantee a Chiss-Killik peace with the Treaty of Qoribu. Leia decides to develop her Jedi heritage, even as strain shows between the Jedi and GA.
Bloodline, Joiner King.

A year later the Chiss and Killiks fall into the Swarm War at Jacen’s instigation, who has had a secret daughter, Allana, with Tenel Ka, the Hapan Queen Mother.

Alliance in Crisis

This results in Luke taking the position of Grandmaster and the Jedi stepping in with the GA to kill the Dark Jedi at the heart of the Dark Nest (who were in-fact Sith), and restore the Killiks to their natural state. The situation is strained as the Hapan intervention is said to have caused the overall crisis, but the Swarm War is over within a month at the Battle of Tenupe, and the Colony is made unable to reconstitute. The GA guarantees peace again, but Chiss casualties are such that relations between them and the GA are very strained. The conflict also exposed that many systems are happy to arm their enemies; both Corellia and Kuat armed the Killiks in the intervening year.
The Swarm War.

A year later the GA Senate, concerned by the growth of member states militias, enacted legislation to reduce local fleets and increase contributions to the GA central Navy.

Legacy Of The Force

The Remnant, New Republic and Hapans agree; the New Republic hands a fleet to the GA, which becomes the Ninth Fleet, and the Hapans contribute the Seventh and Eighth Fleet. This creates a tension between Coruscant and Corellia, Commenor, Bothawui and Nal Hutta, who do not agree. Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya weaves these into a Confederation against the GA, corrupting Jacen Solo into Darth Caedus to oppose Corellia rearming the Celestial superweapon; Centerpoint. Within eight months the GA is split into the GA, Confederation, Hapans and the Imperial Remnant, Mara Jade Skywalker is dead at Jacen’s hands, Centerpoint is destroyed, Lumiya and Caedus are killed, Corellia, Fondor, Commenor, Roche, Mandalore and Kashyyyk are devastated, and two thirds of the GA’s overall military strength is spent. The The Sith Eternal and indeed the One Sith, watching from the wings, could not be more pleased, but the conflict also created the triple threats of a Sith Meditation Sphere, a Lost Tribe of the Sith, and allowed Daala, who had never surrendered to the New Republic, GA or the Jedi, to step in as an anti-Jedi candidate - the Jedi having both failed to stop Jacen soon enough and then forced the warring parties to the negotiating table by gunpoint - the end of 37 ABY and start of 38 ABY are devastating for the future of the galaxy. Events move so swiftly that the New Republic cannot shake itself from its stupor to support or condemn either side, simply keeping its forces at Hosnian Prime and out of the fighting while proxies do the hard work; a formula they repeat to avoid conflict with the First Order.
Legacy of the Force, moved to 37 ABY as Betrayal implies.

Circa 40 ABY, the tensions hidden by the Galactic Alliance emerge.

Fate Of The Jedi

The Lost Tribe is exposed by Abeloth, an ancient Old One released by the destruction of Centerpoint, and she rampages through the galaxy attacking Force cults until she takes control of the Tribe - and takes Coruscant from the GA with a mass infiltration. Daala has just been overthrown by the Jedi by using the Mandalorians to end slave uprisings, and they are caught out. Abeloth is revealed to be far beyond their conception, and an Apocalypse on Coruscant ensues, with the Tribe decapitated and crippled, and the One Sith Dark Lord, Darth Krayt, intervenes to assist Luke in defeating Abeloth, as much as Ben Skywalker comes of age with the foil of the young Sith Vestara Khai opposing him. The Jedi leave Coruscant at the request of the GA, sending Knights to track down the Mortis Dagger, assembling in the Hapes Cluster, which remains separate from the GA, as much as the Remnant does. The GA could thus be said to have failed in its central goal of unifying the New Republic, Remnant, Hapans and so forth.
Fate of the Jedi.

Luke, Han and Leia decide at this point to retire, with Luke settling to lead classes of students, which again includes Ben who is not as progressed as his siblings even now, but remains powerful in the Force - and of interest to Snoke.

The Rise Of The First Order

A conflict between Ben and Luke has disastrous consequences; all the New Jedi Order students are killed, as well as several resident masters and students, and Ben vanishes into the Unknown Regions with Snoke, becoming Kylo Ren, master of the Knights of Ren. Devastated, Luke leaves, and Han and Leia split in blame for events. Coinciding, the First Order evolves from a social movement to a full blown secession crisis as they secede from the New Republic and Imperial Remnant, among those sectors being several key regions to the Remnant. The Moffs dissolve the Remnant, and Bastion is isolated by the secession - Jaina and Jagged become embroiled in keeping supply lines open to Bastion, an effort centered around the Megador, even as Ben and Tahiri continue their hunt for Vestara, even as the Tribe nips at the Jedi, and even as the Ten Knights continue their hunt for Mortis. The Council fractures in light of the death of so many Jedi, and so many goals, which does not even account for Jacen’s Dark Man. The Masters retreat into hiding as the forces of darkness hunt the Jedi, and Leia dedicates herself to the Resistance, which she had set up and left to Admiral Ackbar to run in the interim; his death having been misreported during the closing hours of the Yuuzhan Vong War.

In the intervening year the First Order bullies the New Republic and the Volunteer group known as The Resistance rushes to find enough evidence to convince the New Republic to declare war, even as the First Order rush to complete Starkiller Base and locate Luke… even while deflecting as much attention as possible from its assets in the Unknown Regions.

There has been an awakening

Thirty years after the final death of Palpatine, the First Order destroys Hosnian Prime as The Sith Eternal invades the shattered New Republic as the first order simultaneously attacks the republic from within, which has lost much of its Navy, the Chancellor, the Senate and Supreme Commander Bel Iblis, as well as all its dreadnoughts. Though the Resistance, with the aid of Han, Chewbacca and the Force prodigy Rey manage to punch far, far above their weight and destroy Starkiller Base(albeit not before it destroys the Hosnian system), the dreadnoughts Fulminatrix and Supremacy - and Kylo Ren even kills Snoke and takes the throne as the Supreme Leader - all within a week of the invasion commencing, the galaxy is still completely at the mercy of the Sith Eternal.

In a year, the First Order moves to recover from the loss of Supremacy and Starkiller Base, the former both its capital and mobile shipyards.

Sith Eternal-New Republic War

The Sith Eternal occupies Corellia, Fondor and Mon Calamari in the face of the Resistance rushing to even survive the catastrophe, having similarly been devastated at the battles of D’Qar and Crait. The Volunteer groups all over the galaxy manage to steal enough ships to rebuild and continue the conflict as the republic licks its wounds, the republic manages to survive, but the battles are often fraught with danger and the Sith Eternal has an overwhelming advantage - but not an absolute one. Matters are coming to a head, and then… what of the galaxy thereafter? Darth Krayt still watches, and waits, enjoying the chance to build his numbers anew and higher than ever. Using an ancient ritual, sith cultists manage to drain Luke’s life force to revive the emperor in preparation for the final order.

The Spark of Hope

The Second Galactic Alliance(dubbed the Free Worlds Alliance) reforms as the volunteer groups are either absorbed into the alliance military wholesale or aided behind enemy lines, The Alliance succeeding in pushing back the enemy from the core systems and are closing in on coruscant. On the eve of Operation Erso, which involved a military coup from within the Sith Eternal to coincide with a massive counteroffensive that happened to coincide with Kylo’s sabbatical to Mustafar, communications went dead as nine free worlds were destroyed by Xyston-Class Star Destroyers that emerged from the unknown regions before broadcasting a message from emperor palpatine demanding unconditional surrender with the promise of a destruction of 9 worlds every two weeks. Cutting themselves off from various volunteer groups, the Alliance’s rhetoric shifted to a complete surrender to the sith eternal. Only for Lando Calrissian to fly to the heart of the Free Worlds Alliance and broadcast a message of hope, the fel imperium(having absorbed the Chiss ascendency) use their skills to aid Lando and the free worlds fleet to traverse the everchanging clouds of Exegol’s barrier(the ever changing barrier making the coordinates that Lando has useless) and bring an end to the sith eternal once and for all.

The next trilogy should be about Rey searching for “the lost jedi” whom are legends favorites