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Some Contradictions of the OT with the Prequels
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13-Jan-2023, 10:37 PM

Servii said:

erichf69 said:

Meh. Plot holes-smot holes… It is all in good fun. I love that there are gaps in continuity and plot holes. It would not be Star Wars otherwise. If the original trilogy had plot holes that contradicted themselves, why should the prequel, sequel trilogies and Disney spin offs be any different?

I would actually argue that if everything in the star wars universe actually aligned perfectly, then it would not be star wars anymore.

Being apathetic about plot holes, I can understand. But loving plot holes? That doesn’t make sense to me at all. It’s not like Star Wars needs sloppy writing to feel like Star Wars. If the continuity were more polished, it wouldn’t suddenly feel less Star Warsy.

In regards to my fondness with continuity errors and plot holes, I mean that only where Star Wars is concerned. There have been movies and TV shows that have turned me off due to massive plot holes and / or retconning. Likely those programs took more of a serious tone, and/or were very intellectual and thought provoking.

But Star Wars in its purest form was never meant to be taken seriously. No one knew back in 1977 that Star Wars would become a worldwide phenomenon, or that it would spur a massive industry brand. It was never “all planned out” as Lucas later commented. The very fact that Luke was playing tonsil-hockey with Leia 1980, and then three years later “surprise! she is your sister!” in ROTJ speaks VOLUMES on how much Star Wars was intentionally, that’s right I said it, INTENTIONALLY inconsistent and full of continuity errors and plot holes.

Don’t you think someone, somewhere during the writing, filming, and production of Return of the Jedi would have raised their hand and said “hey… This does not make sense. If Leia is his sister, it will kind of make things… a little weird and creepy?”. I am sure it was brought up. Had to be. Hundreds of people worked on that film. But in the end, it still comes out to “who cares?” “It’s star wars, no one will take it seriously”.

To me, Rogue One was a VERY polished movie. I really enjoyed it. That being said, in my humble opinion, it did feel a little less star warsy. Primarily because it did not have the cheesy writing, humor, or as many continuity errors as the OT movies did. They really nailed the look down though. I walked out of the theater knowing it would be an immediate Blu Ray purchase once available.

When I want really excellent sci-fi, I don’t go for star wars. When I want fun and adventure and memories of being a kid, I go directly for star wars and always will.