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Nien Nunb
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“Monsters, Inc.” - Original Theatrical Presentation (HELP NEEDED)
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12-Jan-2023, 3:50 PM

SpacemanDoug said:

Nien Nunb said:

Class316 said:

Doctor M said:

IncrediStudios said:

You guys seem to be interested in the “snow cones” censorship part of the forum. Well, here is a comparison of both the 3D blu-ray & the 2009 blu-ray:

As you can clearly see, the censored version (right) loses the detail of the snow cones as seen on the uncensored version (left).

If you can’t see the image, go here:

Are the snow cones really censored? What am I seeing that they don’t want me to see there?

CloakedDragon97 said:

Why were the snow cones changed?

My guess on that, they didn’t want it to look like someone pissed on those cones.

I’d hesitate to call this actual censorship. Seems like some kind of rendering error or something. If it was really meant to be censored then why were they still including the original DVD in combo packs with the initial Blu-ray release and why would the texturing return in the 3D release which came AFTER the initial Blu-ray? I’m pretty sure this is some sort of mistake. When Disney intentionally alters something, they are pretty consistent about it. Those cones look like unfinished animation. If they were concerned about them looking peed on then why not just change the color altogether? The dialogue makes it quite clear that they are snow cones so why would they intentionally remove the obvious snow texturing?.

That’s what I was thinking too, a literal error

It reminds me of that shot in Toy Story 3 where they show home movie footage of Andy as a younger child and the headboard of his bed is intersecting with the wall in the actual film but in the trailer, the error is not present.