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Marooned Biker Scout
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Return Of The Jedi's 40th anniversary
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11-Jan-2023, 4:14 AM
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11-Jan-2023, 4:24 AM
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Marooned Biker Scout
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Dirge said:

Marooned Biker Scout said:

How will you be celebrating the 40th anniversary?

Barge Party at my house!!!

Amazing barge and figure collection, I love Luke taking a selfie, Oola flashing the band, and Boba chilling! Cool music too.

BedeHistory731 said:

I’m just wondering if another “From a Certain Point of View” book will come out.

I read the first one and enjoyed most of them. Was Empire’s version any good too?

If they do one for ROTJ I hope they have the Rancor keeper. And both a Rebel and Imperial perspective from after the DSII blew up. What happened? Did the Imperial fleet simply fly away and regroup somewhere, or stay and fight?