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What is Your Preferred Watch Order, and Which Versions (Fan edits/official releases)?
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8-Jan-2023, 3:03 AM

Originally it would have been just the official releases from 2003 and the release dates of the PT on DVD and these days I don’t usually have a preferred viewing order but if I do a marathon then it’s always in Episode order I-III, Solo, Rogue One, IV-VI, VII-VIII lol I always skip TROS for obvious reasons.
As in what versions I watch now since finding OT site it’s
Episode I - Hal 9000
Episode II - Octorox
Episode III - Hal 9000
Solo - Official Release
Rogue One - Hal 9000
Episode IV - Hal 9000
Episode V - Hal 9000
Episode VI - Hal 9000
The sequel trilogy is a tough one because just when I think I have found the perfect edit for myself personally I read about another edit and every edit seems to fix something that the previous edit hadn’t (Personal Preference) so this is having me think should I just download my favourite version of each edit and go from dipping in my toes to putting my foot in lol.

After writing this and previewing my post just realised I should have just put Hal 9000 all edits 🤣🤦