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Marooned Biker Scout
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What is your personal canon?
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6-Jan-2023, 10:52 AM
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6-Jan-2023, 10:57 AM
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Marooned Biker Scout
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My onscreen personal canon:

The unaltered Original Trilogy
Rogue One

and I’ll have to include the Holiday Special as well, though I do try and avoid it whenever possible. Or just try and remember the “good” parts in it.

LexX said:

My personal canon are:

  • OOT
  • Classic LucasArts games that aren’t based on the PT up to Jedi Academy (so X-Wing series, Dark Forces series, KOTOR I-II, Rebel Assault I-II etc.)
  • Al Williamson’s classic comics (B&W + Marvel)
  • and as an epilogue but more of an addon than actual canon maybe, the Thrawn trilogy

Probably forgot something but basically most good stuff surrounding the OT without any PT or Disney tarnishing.

Games and comics too? I should include those too, though will need to have a good long think about that.